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Congratulations on your decision to manage your Stress in your life by
embarking on the Stress Less Program.

The benefits of having me as a practitioner is that
a.  you will be able to develop strategies to help your feel better, more positive and in control of your situation.

b.  there are no side effects such as weight gain and lethargy ,  except that you feel better and calmer.
c.  no drug dependancy.
d.  not only you will feel better but also get your life back in control as you should be the Master.

Stress doe not discriminate on age or gender with both men and women of any age feeling the effects of stress at some time or another.

Why is it important that we support us under stress ?
Stress has an awful impact on so many functions in your body particular your hormones
Sex hormones adrenal hormones thyroid hormones and off course your immune system.

So please don't wait till you feel it has impacted you big time........ but if it has, please contact us and my job is to help and support you on all levels.