Diagnostic tools

We have an extensive range of laboratory and interclinical testing tools. 

This will help You and us to indentify the root cause of your problem and we can then make a tailered treatment plan for you which can be at any time reviewed and retested that you know for sure that things are getting better. 

There are over 1oo laboratory tests available.  Most common we do are:  

Inter clinical :


                                                  Are you reacting to the Foods you Eat ? 

We are testing for Food intolerances and have you fast results.

It is the world's first in clinic test for food intolerance.

          What can be the symptoms of Food intolerance ?

                        A typical eye from some one who has an allergic reaction/ causing inflammatory marker.

                                   We test for 96 Foods 

Including:  Durum Wheat, Gluten, Oats, Rye , Wheat , corn,
rice, Cow's milk, yeast.....