Fees and Policies

At your first appointment an extensive medical history is taken, including your previous health history, family and social history and details of your diet and lifestyle. Depending on your concerns,  pictures of your iris and sclera will be taken, a Chart will be organized and a healthcare plan will be formulated, which may include dietary advice and specific natural medicines.

Follow up appointments are usually at fortnightly or monthly intervals, this will depend on the condition being treated and the method of treatment used.

Price structure
Initial Naturopathic Consultation Basic     $ 150
Follow up Consultation up to 3O min     $  80
Muscular skeletal Treatment up to 40 minutes     $ 90
short consultation can be arranged.
You can choose a time from 15/3O/45/60 minutes.
Extended First Initial  going for 1 hour and 3o min          $ 190

After hours (after 5 pm )  can be arranged but strict cancelation terms apply to all services.

We honor your referrals. So please mention the name of who referred to us.